Montessori Preschool - K

Everyone knows that each child is unique.....-

So why are they all being taught the same?

See the Difference Montessori Makes

Open House

January 25


11 am - 2 pm


- Year Round Education -

Individualized Learning that Engages Your Child

Designed to Optimize Your Child's Natural Development

 We know that it is difficult to find a place that truly respects and cares for your child like you do.


Your child deserves to be seen as an individual, with her own talents, personality and interests, but schools with preset monthly curriculums and worksheets don't follow your child's curiosity or teach to her individual learning style. 

For the past 20 years, our parents have experienced the wonderful feeling that comes with knowing that their children are with teachers who truly care and are providing a strong foundation for a lifetime of learning.

Here at Creative Minds we cultivate active, resilient learners, help develop concentration and focus while we guide the children towards self-reliance and independence.   


More importantly, we build a strong community of active learners ready to explore the world.

Real education is preparation for life.

Here at Creative Minds, you'll find the preschool you’ve been looking for!

You don't need to compromise.

Year round, extended day Montessori in a nurturing, home-like setting.


"Creative Minds Montessori is a place of wonder where children are led to develop their innate curiosity and love for learning and discovery with a personalized approach that is rooted in strong community values."                  ~ Veronica C.


To discuss how our unique program will aid your child's development.


 Enroll Your Child with Confidence 

Wait list available once our limited spaces have filled. 


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Creative Minds Makes

Become a member of our supportive community and watch your child bloom!

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