Real Education is Preparation for Life

True education guides children to fulfill their full potential, nurtures their spirits and their minds all while following their interests and development.

We follow your child's endless imagination and desire to learn about their world.  Building on the excitement of self discovery and curiosity, we create active learners.


We Help Develop Your Child's Potential By:

  • Providing one on one instruction. Introducing concepts and experiences when your child when he is ready, not on a predetermined schedule.

  • Embracing your child's individuality and personality and teaching to their unique learning styles. 

  • Helping your child to 'Do it Myself".  Self-reliance and grit are developed as your child challenges himself to work towards success.

This is a True Foundation for a Lifetime of Learning!


We Help Your Child Become an Active Learner By:

  • Encouraging her to create, to explore, to question, and to make connections. 


  • Creating a warm, supportive environment filled with series of activities capture the interests and challenge the children.

  • Helping him understand that mistakes are important learning tools that will guide him to the correct results and maybe new discoveries! 

Excellence in Childhood Education Since 1998

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