“Play is often talked about as if it were a relief from serious learning.  But for children play is serious learning. Play is really the work of childhood.”   


~ Fred Rogers

At Creative Minds learning is exciting!


We create moments of discovery and foster imagination.


Individualized instruction supports your child's unique learning style while supporting academic achievement and self-reliance. 

Our certified Montessori teachers create lessons using research proven materials specially designed for children this age. 


"Play is the work of the child."

Maria Montessori

We form a community where children learn:

  • personal responsibility,

  • develop communication skills,

  • foster character development,

  • cultivate leadership skills, and

  • promote independence.  

All these skills are critical for success both in and out of school. 


Core Values

Creative Minds strives to build a caring community of parents and educators that support, value and respect each child's individual path of development.

Our Mission

​It is our mission to help parents with their child's development by providing excellent Montessori education for children ages 2.5 through 6 years.  


We support each child's developmental needs:

  • by providing a creative and stimulating environment,

  • by introducing new concepts and materials as appropriate and

  • by cultivating his/her natural curiosity and desire to learn.

Excellence in Childhood Education Since 1998

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