Although we tend to think of work and play as in opposition to one another, they are most effective when they are brought together.   Therein lies the genius of the Montessori materials.

~ David Elkind

We all know there is a difference between engagement and entertainment.  

Because every child has their own learning path, lessons are introduced individually to your child when they are ready, never in a large group. 

Unlike other curriculums whose schedules are preset months in advance without consideration of the individual children in the classroom,we honor your child's own learning pathway .

Our beautiful Montessori materials engage children's curiosity, creativity, and develop problem solving skills.


Made of natural materials without lights, sounds and too many distractions, they allow children to focus more deeply as they play without becoming overstimulated.

We develop engaged, active learners excited to explore and discover new connections. 

Children work at their own pace, building and expanding lessons already mastered.


All the while, they are developing techniques and skills with which they’ll approach every future challenge: autonomy, creative thinking, and satisfaction in a job well done.

Our materials help your child understand and internalize abstract concepts, discover relationships in his world and apply to new experiences. 

Excellence in Childhood Education Since 1998

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