Preparing an environment that stimulates your child to be an active learner.

From birth to age 6, a child is constantly discovering the relationship of the natural world through play.  In our classroom, children explore unique materials that engage their mind and body.  Children receive individual lessons designed to match each child’s learning style and guide her learning.

At Creative Minds, we nourish your child's natural desire to learn by..

Gently introducing your child to new challenges.

We carefully observe each child's progress and offer staff offers lessons and materials that aid in developing a specific skill or concept.  Making sure that there is areasonable sense of success fosters strong self esteem while encouraging further exploration and a desire for learning.

Respecting the (Individual) Child’s selection of work.

When children freely select their own work, they become fully engaged, exploring deeply with full concentration.  This builds focus, motivation, self-esteem and is learning at its best!

Operating our classroom with the Montessori philosophy of ‘Freedom Within Limits’. 

Each child’s unique personality is encouraged to flourish as she becomes an active member of our community.  Children are encouraged to contribute and to help others to the best of their abilities developing strong pride in their abilities and joy in helping others.

Respect for each other and the classroom is at the heart of Montessori education.  Here at Creative Minds, children are free to work independently or with others as they wish.  When a child is given responsibility for his actions, he develops a sense of self discipline, an internal source of purpose and self-motivation.

Recognizing each child has special gifts to share with the world.

Excellence in Childhood Education Since 1998

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